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Town of Ridgeland, SC
Police Department

One Town Square
P.O. Box 1719
Ridgeland, SC 29936


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Our Mission:

The mission of the Ridgeland Police Department is to work in a true partnership with the

citizens of Ridgeland to enhance the quality of life in our Town by raising the level of

public safety through law enforcement to reduce the fear and incidence of crime.

In accomplishing these goals: Service will be our commitment, honor and integrity, our



July Topic: 





  • Lock your car doors and don’t keep valuables in plain view, or better yet, don’t keep valuables in the car at all when it is unattended.


  • Keep all doors and windows to your home locked, even when you are home or in your yard. Don’t forget to keep the garage door locked as well.  (Remember, sometimes during the summer months, with air conditioners humming and other neighborhood sounds in the air such as lawn mowers or children playing, it may be difficult to hear something out of the ordinary.


  • Minimize landscaping around doors and windows so that it can’t be used as cover for someone attempting to enter your home.


  • Do not announce impending vacations or family events via social media or in any gathering where you cannot control who hears or views such information.  (You can always report on such things after the fact.


  • Make sure your house looks lived in from the street.   Put lights (and perhaps a radio) on timers.  Don’t let mail or newspapers accumulate in view.  Either stop delivery or ask a trusted neighbor to pick it up for you.


  • Motion activated exterior lighting and/or alarm systems have been proven effective, and with the technology available today, there are many surveillance systems available that homeowners can manage remotely.


  • Remember, for the most part, thieves are opportunistic and look for quick and easy access. When access is denied or even just delayed, it is much less likely that your property will become a target.






Hidden Shackle Locks

These locks are often used on tractor trailer doors, but homeowners and businesses are increasingly using them on storage sheds and other structures easily accessed from the outside.

The locks are effective because there is no real practical way to cut the lock with bolt cutters and prying them out of the door is time consuming and noisy since the core is set into the lock. They can be purchased at home improvement and hardware stores for a minimal investment of about $40.


Disc Brake Lock

This lock attaches to a wheel on a dirt bike or All Terrain Vehicle, (ATV), which are prime targets for theft during the Summer months.  For those who want to spend extra on security there is a more sophisticated lock that has a built in motion detector alarm.  These locks can be purchased online, at motorcycle shops and at some home improvement stores.  They range in price from $40 to $90.















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