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Town of Ridgeland, SC
Police Department

One Town Square
P.O. Box 1719
Ridgeland, SC 29936

Office Phone:
(843) 726-7530

After Hours Phone:
(843) 726-7519

Our Mission:

The mission of the Ridgeland Police Department is to work in a true partnership with the citizens of Ridgeland to enhance the quality of life in our Town by raising the level of public safety through law enforcement, to reduce the fear, and incidence of crime.

In accomplishing the goals: Service will be our commitment, honor and integrity, our mandate.

January Topic: 


Most of us think we would be the last people in the world to be tricked into handing over our hard-earned money for deals that, in retrospect, are obviously phony but con artists are experts in human psychology and behavior. They know how to win over your confidence with their smooth talk and self-assured manner. Unless you are careful, you may find yourself turning over cash or buying worthless merchandise. You won't be able to recognize a con by the way he or she looks, but you can be on the lookout for some of their "pitches."

Here are some good rules to follow all the time—whether or not you suspect a fraud:

  • Don't believe "something-for-nothing" offers. You get what you pay for.


  • Take your time. Think about the deal before you part with your money.


  • Read all contracts and agreements before signing. Have an attorney examine all major contracts.


  • Compare services, prices, and credit offers before agreeing to a deal. Ask friends what their experiences have been with the firm or service in question, or check with the Better Business Bureau or similar organization.


  • Never turn over large sums of cash to anyone, especially a stranger, no matter how promising the deal looks.


  • Do not hesitate to check the credentials of anyone who comes to your door. Ask to see official identification and inspect it carefully. If you are suspicious, ask the person for the name and telephone number of his or her supervisor, so you can call and check right away. A legitimate business or service representative will not hesitate to comply.


  • Beware of individuals impersonating Police Officers who seek your assistance in "identifying fraudulent bank tellers" or "cracking a counterfeiting scheme." They will usually ask you to withdraw large sums of money as part of their "investigation." These people are not Police officers, and all they want is your money.


  • Report all suspicious offers to the Police immediately, before the swindler leaves your neighborhood in search of other victims. If you've been victimized, don't be embarrassed about coming forward.











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